Improving your language skills can be useful not only when you go on holiday, but also in the increasingly international business world, where you will gain the advantage of being able to express yourself eloquently in the respective language. Your business partners will thank you for it. What do you think of online company training courses? The majority of companies offer remote working solutions, so every employee has the opportunity to take part in company training. Even employees who work from other locations can get to know their colleagues better within the language courses and refresh or expand their language skills. You can help your employees to develop their language skills effectively in a familiar environment. As a result, they will soon be able to express themselves fluently in a foreign language on the telephone or in personal contacts with customers and business partners, making them feel more comfortable and leaving a good impression of your company.

Do you want to give your employees the chance to communicate better with your foreign partners? Perhaps a telephone call needs to be made in English? Or do you have foreign employees in your company whom you want to help to find their way around in Germany and especially here in the Allgäu region with its many traditions and old customs? Then a language course is just the thing to keep them in your company.

My language school "Lernen im Allgäu" offers courses in English/Business English and German as a foreign language. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, I tailor a programme to suit your needs and wishes. Online-training makes it much easier for your employees to attend a company course. Since conversation is the focus of language courses, such a course not only promotes the language competence of your employees, but also the team spirit through joint dialogues. Through intensive communication in the respective foreign language, you quickly get to know your new colleagues better.

I look forward to offering you and your company a free and non-binding trial lesson. Contact me to find out more.


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