What is the LiA-Club?


The LiA-Club stands for Living & Lovely Food & Learning in the Allgäu

Learning in the Allgäu: Private language school specialising in teaching English and German as a foreign language, especially for corporate training.
Living in the Allgäu: Joint activities such as visits to the cinema and theatre. Information about the Allgäu, its customs and traditions.
Lovely food in the Allgäu: International cooking evenings for cultural exchange. 


Why might the club be of interest to you?

  • Are you new in the Allgäu? Make new acquaintances, train languages and get to know foreign cultures.  
  • Are you from here? Feel like meeting new people, making contacts and speaking English, Spanish etc. in your spare time. 
  • Participate in international cooking evenings to immerse yourself in other cultures and train your language skills at the same time.
  • You want an evening out? Join us and spend an evening at the theatre or cinema with people alike, have fun sledginghiking and much more. 
  • We inform you about interesting facts from the Allgäu, its traditions and customs.
  • What's new in the world of languages? 
  • Give your employees the opportunity to find their way around the Allgäu more quickly or to train their language skills in a friendly and cosy atmosphere. 
  • All our joint activities focus on socializing, acceptance, languages and cultures. 


Living in the Allgäu

Fancy an evening at the cinema or theatre in English? Over the past few years, we have seen various Shakespeare plays in the original language and many cinema films in English or Spanish with German subtitles. We visit Christmas markets together, go for walks and hikes in the beautiful Allgäu region and meet regularly for conversation evenings. Just join us next time when it's "Allgäuern together" again. You can find the dates for upcoming events under News.


Lovely Food in the Allgäu

Do you like to eat? Do you like trying different foods? Are you interested in cultural exchange? Then you've come to the right place. We meet up to cook together, chat and practise our language skills in the process. 
In recent years, we have already cooked and enjoyed delicious dishes from Spain, Greece, India, Japan and Poland, as well as vegan and typical Allgäu food.  

Our international cooking evenings are very popular. Just contact me if you would like to join us and see how international our idyllic Allgäu region is. 

You can find the dates for upcoming events under News.

I look forward to meeting you at the next cooking evening.

LiA-Club membership is free of charge

Membership of the club is free of charge. There are costs for 
tickets, transport, costs for room hire, food, etc.
You will be informed of the approximate costs before each event.