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Naomi's & Hokuto's Allgäu Experience Report

Our experiences in the Allgäu
We have been in Germany since December 2014. The first two months we were with friends in Ingolstadt. There I applied for an engineering position in Germany. Fortunately I got a job by chance in the beautiful Allgäu and we moved to Kempten. I am a software engineer and my wife teaches Japanese at adult education centres. It was a dream for me to work in Germany. My wife also enjoys giving language and cultural courses in the Allgäu. Mostly they are the first Japanese courses in the schools and very challenging. It is not easy to speak German, like other languages. At work I mostly speak English for technical matters and German for general conversation. Although I have limited knowledge of German, I can sometimes speak German more intuitively than English. I enjoy being able to communicate fluently in German - or more or less in German. I also find it very helpful to learn German from other German learners. They can use slightly better expressions, which I can adopt immediately. Getting to know new people is not difficult in the Allgäu without being able to speak German well. However, basic language skills make it much easier to meet new people. With the locals or foreigners you normally have to speak German here. I also enjoy getting to know various foreigners in the Allgäu that we wouldn't get to know in Japan. The people here are friendly and trusting. I was totally surprised when an old woman at a bus stop asked me to watch her bag while she was away. The other man asked me where "Burghalde" was. I have a 100% East Asian look - no one will believe me if I say I have no foreign background. I can't imagine that the Japanese in Japan would ask the same things of a foreigner. Besides beer there are lakes, mountains with snow, green grass, blue sky and clear air with the smell of cows, which we like best from Allgäu. It reminds me of my childhood. There is much more beautiful landscape, but we simply like the spring natural landscape the most. But I don't like the rainy Sundays in the Allgäu. On such days I stay in a café in Kempten and read books. I always find the LiA-Club events a good idea. We have already taken part in the conversation evening and theatre visit. At the conversation evening you can meet many international people in the Allgäu. I was surprised how international the Allgäu actually is. This opens your eyes to the fact that there are many different backgrounds in the Allgäu. I think it's different from the big international cities. The theatre visit to Hohenschwangau Castle was really great. We watched Tempest by William Shakespeare together. The English was a bit difficult to understand, but the atmosphere and the play were very good. Thank you Eva for the invitation. We wouldn't know that we could experience such great events in the Allgäu! We didn't know much about the area and only had two suitcases and backpacks when we first moved to the Allgäu. Now we have many friends, a comfortable life and a new family member who was born here in the Allgäu in March. We are grateful and proud that we can enjoy a great life here in the Allgäu with the help of many people!...

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