Eva-Maria Schinko

Focus: (Business) English, German as a Foreign Language, Spanish

My name is Eva-Maria Schinko and I was born 1980. I am a publicly appointed and sworn translator. I realised that working with people with different backgrounds and nationalities is important to me through several stays abroad. For this reason I wanted to share my knowledge of languages, whether that be teaching adults or private tuition for students. I founded my own language and private tuition school in October 2010. I particularly enjoy the different challenges that I face in my lessons every day. At Lernen-im-Allgäu everyone has the possibility to learn something new, regardless if you are managers in senior position refreshing your English speaking skills or an employee from a different country learning about German culture and the German language. For you, as well as students taking examinations, there are no limits to your learning. 

My qualifications: