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We offer language courses for all ages from beginners (from A1*) to advanced (up to C2*) learners. At Lernen-im-Allgäu we tailor courses specifically to your needs. As we want to help you achieve your learning goals in the shortest time possible we mainly offer one-to-one lessons. However, you are also welcome to bring along your partner or a friend and thus learn your chosen language in a small group.


Alongside general English and Spanish we also offer Business English etc. Simply tell us what you need your chosen language for and together we can make an individualised learning plan to suit your needs. As your lessons are individually tailored, there is of course the possibility to cover general and Business English/languages together. Contact us for any enquiries.



Do you want to have proof of your language level? Or do you require an official certificate confirming your language level for work? We can help you prepare for the relevant examinations. If nothing else, having proof of your language level will certainly be good for your next job application!

We can help you prepare for the following language examinations:

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