Private Tuition

Private tuition for all school subjects, school types and years. German, English, Spanish, French, Latin, Italian, as well as Maths, Physics, etc.


Dear Students,

Have you lost interest in school because your grades are not improving? Have you buried your head in the sand because the new foreign language grammar or the maths equations are too difficult to get your head around? Do not worry! You are not alone: this happens to most students at school.

At Lernen-im-Allgäu we will gladly help you to put the fun back into learning and motivate you to achieve your learning goals. Our private tutors will support and show you how to navigate the subjects that are causing you the most problems. You will soon understand the topics better and be able to answer questions confidently.

With regular lessons we can help you remember what you have forgotten, deepen your basic understanding of a topic or help you tackle your next assignment or examination with a cool head and little stress. 

Remember: regular practice and learning can reduce the stress felt before taking tests and examinations or assignments.

Dear Parents,

We can help you reduce the constant arguing with your child(ren) about school. We hear more and more that a peaceful and harmonious family life depends on two major topics: your child(ren) completing their homework and achieving good grades. 

We have the patience to support your child(ren) with school problems in a calm but enthusiastic environment. Our teachers respond to the individual needs of their students. Almost all our lessons are one-to-one, so that your child receives the attention they require and are not neglected, as can happen in larger groups. Of course, in order to share the cost with other parents, a friend or classmate can join the lessons. We understand that many children face similar challenges. All private tuition takes place in Krugzell: we believe that a different environment can aid concentration; unlike in the classroom or at home there are no distractions in our school.

There are no hidden costs with private tuition through Lernen-im-Allgäu. Furthermore, there are also no contracts or long notice periods. 
If you would like to find out more about our team, please call us and arrange a non-binding and free trial lesson.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child(ren) to our beautiful and cozy classrooms.


Browse through the following information and book your free trial lesson today to find out more about Lernen-im-Allgäu.

At Lernen-im-Allgäu there are no hidden contracts or costs and you are free to finish the course whenever you like.